Klinisia Mobile Apps. Presentation Direct to Health Center.
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INFOKES.CO.ID, JAKARTA - KSI (Kawan Sehat Indonesia) as the developer of the Klinisia application which is also a strategic partner of PT Infokes, this time has officially taken over in supporting PT Infokes in mobile applications using the Klinisia Mobile App. Previously, KSI provided socialization to  Infokes office to get to know more about this latest application. Currently, KSI together with Infokes carry out an outreach directly to the field, where the target is the Makasar District Health Center in East Jakarta.


This was done because in East Jakarta area is a user of Infokes services with optimal ePuskesmas and has been used in hundreds of puskesmas. Likewise the attendance of patients to puskesmas (Health Center) which have quite a lot on average. Patient access has also been used in various ways, starting from direct registration, using the telephone, using SMS, and of course now it is even easier through mobile application with a smartphone, that previously was still run using Infokes Mobile.


The Klinisia Mobile application itself was generally used initially to connect patients with doctors. The features provided are also doesn't much different from Infokes Mobile, such as 'Booking Schedule & Queue' feature, for treatment at Puskesmas & Clinics without queuing which also able to register and monitor queues via the Clinical Application. Furthermore, there is 'Online Consultation' where the Klinisia Mobile Apps is able to help patients find and consult with doctors. It's just that for a while the doctors who are presented are directly from the clinician. But it can be done comfortably via a smartphone. There is also a 'Healthy Book & Redeem Prescription' feature where you can easily monitor your medical history and redeem medicines in one application. 


In the end, the meeting for the socialization of Klinisia Mobile was conveyed to puskesmas by a team from Infokes together with KSI. Where this socialization will later become assistance from the puskesmas to participate in conveying information to patients and puskesmas visitors, that there is a shift or changes in use of the application from previously using Infokes Mobile to Klinisia Mobile. This were also the first socialization at the puskesmas so it will be an example of how the next socialization will be carried out, especially in areas with high density levels.

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