Many Activities Ran by Infokes in The North of West Java
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INFOKES.CO.ID, INDRAMAYU - Infokes team again traveled this time to the northern part of West Java where Indramayu Regency is located. This visit was to attend to invitations from existing users to provide evaluations. The evaluation that was held did play a role as the main agenda, but apart from that the infokes also provided socialization of a new application to support ePuskesmas, known as Klinisia mobile apps.


However, the applications that have been discussed this time apart from ePuskesmas, there is also eDinkes that are undergoing evaluation. The eDinkes application itself is a special application used by the health office in monitoring data, reports, as well to monitored ePuskesmas application itself. So that by using the eDinkes application, the health department is able to view health data in an area that integrated with application from Infokes in real-time.

Reports and data received from ePuskesmas application are created using the Dynamic Report feature. Where dynamic reports are able to bridge health information in an area more easily and quickly. Because the Dynamic Reports owned by ePuskesmas are also integrated with the eDinkes application, which can generate reports quickly because the format can be adjusted to the user's needs. This report feature also makes puskesmas efficient in budget because it is paperless based.


Therefore, Infokes also socializes the Dynamic Report feature. So that from later on, the puskesmas and services will be able to easily use this report feature. In addition, the latest application in collaboration with KSI(Kawan Sehat Indonesia) Klinisia Mobile, was also socialized. The Klinisia Mobile application itself was generally initially used to connect patients with doctors. The features provided are not much different from Infokes Mobile.

The main features of Klinisia itself are three, starting from the 'Booking Schedule & Queue' for treatment at the Puskesmas & Clinic without queuing which is also able to register and monitor the queue through the Klinisia Application. Furthermore, there is 'Online Consultation' where the Klinisia Mobile application is able to help patients find and consult with doctors. It's just that for a while the doctors who are presented are directly from Klinisia. But it can be done comfortably via smartphone. There is also a 'Healthy Book & Redeem Prescription' feature, where you can monitor your medical history and redeem medicines easily in one application.

This socialization and evaluation was carried out interactively and was well received by the department and representatives of the puskesmas. In terms of own use, the ePuskesmas application in Indramayu is fairly smooth. Coupled with the introduction of the Dynamic Report feature and the Klinisia Mobile application, the district health office. Indramayu himself is increasingly ready to extend the contract for the use of ePuskesmas and other applications in the coming year (2023).

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